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Solid Gouache Pigment Palette - let your creativity speak!

Solid Gouache Pigment Palette - let your creativity speak!

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18 colors
25 colors
33 colors
42 colors
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Wide variety of colors and easy to use

Stay home ! Take advantage of these moments and let your creativity speak.?

A new. more practical format that works just as well:

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  • ITS RECHARGEABLE BRUSH: Thanks to this brush you will no longer need a jar of water. you just have to press on the handle so that the water present in its refillable tank flows towards the point.

  • ITS DETACHABLE SPONGE: Thanks to its small sponge. you can easily remove excess paint on your brush. It is detachable which will allow you to wash it very easily.

  • SA MIXING PALETTE: Located on the last board. this palette will allow you to make all your color mixes. so that you can make the most of your painting sessions and your creativity.?


  • Color: 18/25/33/42 colors

  • Package: pigment set. brush. sponge. palette