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Pilot Juice Paint Marker - Extra Fine Point

Pilot Juice Paint Marker - Extra Fine Point

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This paint marker is a fun and versatile pen for any arts and crafts project. Its colorful opaque ink writes on a variety of surfaces. including wood. plastic. glass. and metal. The ink is water- and pigment-based. so it has great waterproofness and bleed-resistance with no unpleasant odor.

Before using this marker: shake it with the cap still on until you hear the agitator knocking inside the pen. then shake it about 20 more times. Uncap the pen. then press the tip down onto a piece of scratch paper until ink flows out of the tip. Repeat these steps if the ink starts to dry out while using the marker. Do not store this marker with the tip facing down.

Manufacturer: Pilot

Model Number:SJP-20EF