Multipurpose Pom-Pom Maker (1 Set)

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This will definitely?be a wonderful gift for family members and friends who love handicraft items.


  • A FUN TOOL:?With this handy tool. everyone can easily make beautiful pom-poms and create more interesting projects
  • EASY TO USE:?Simply open the device. wrap each arch completely with your choice of yarn. close the device and cut
  • CONVENIENT:?You don't need much to create a good pom-pom. just some yarn. string. scissors. and this device to complete your fluff balls
  • RELIABLE:?Each device comes with a special ridge to ensure that you're making a straight line
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE:?This pom-pom maker is a handy craft accessory that is ideal for both kids and adults. beginners and professionals alike
  • WIDE APPLICATION:?Great for various projects such as crafting embellishments and decorating scarves. bags. sweaters and more
  • AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS SIZES:?Out of the 4 available sizes. it is best to pick the smallest one for practicing so as to avoid wasting your yarn


  • Wind the yarn around each side of the pom-pom maker then close it
  • Cut around the edges
  • Secure by tying the wool around the middle with the use of another small piece of yarn
  • Open both sides of the pom-pom maker and pop open the center of the maker to reveal your gorgeously made pom-poms



  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Green / Pink / Blue / Yellow
  • Size in Diameter: 3.8cm(1.5'') / 4.8cm(1.9'') / 6.8cm(2.7'') / 8.8cm(3.5'')


  • 4 x Pom-Pom Makers