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Multifunctional Baby Carrier

Multifunctional Baby Carrier

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Our Multi-functional Baby Carrier will get you closer to your baby especially when going for walks or doing simple tasks around the house!

It's specially designed to lighten up the strain on your neck and it comes with an adjustable safety buckle and a breathable material that will keep both you and your baby comfortable.

Wear the Multi-functional Baby Carrier in 4 ways:

Horizontal - suitable for babies 0 - 3 months. This position can help you rock your baby to sleep or just simply bond with your baby.
Front Facing - suitable for babies 6 - 24 months. The babies are starting to get curious about anything and everything. Wear the Multi-functional Baby Carrier this way so that your child can see the brand new world unobstructed.
Face to face - suitable for babies 6 - 24 months. Get closer to your baby while walking or doing chores. You can talk. play. and cuddle them efficiently.
Back Carry - suitable for babies 10 months up. This position can be fun for your baby and also you can do simple tasks while you secure that your baby's safe and with you at all times.

Load Bearing: 16 kg
Age Range: 0 - 30 months