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Full Of Vitality Gift Box Set

Full Of Vitality Gift Box Set

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This Full Of Vitality Gift Box Setis designed by Kawaii Stationery Shop. Special and novelty designs with Cute Korean Kawaii Japanese Accent. It's all about pink and kawaii. It is a nice choice if you love KoreanPaper tape. Kawaii Stationery. KawaiiPaper tape. Korean Cartoon Stationery. Cartoon tape .GirlyPaper tape. Tape sticker gift box.Cute stationery shop¡£


Gift box size: 165*140mm
Glue size: 1cm*2m(4 rolls)/1.5cm*2m(4 rolls)/2cm*2m(1 roll)/3cm*2m(1 roll)
Memo size: 62mm*80mm (100 sheets)
Sticker size: 80*82mm (10 sheets)