Desktop Cosmetic Fridge

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Choose DesktopCosmeticFridge from our collection which is an adorable ornament that would fit right. The desktop design with perfect colour combination will create a distinctive ambience on your vanity. making it look cute yet classy. With advanced cooling technology. cool your skincare products to prevent lipsticks from softening or melting. keep the mask elastic and reduce the deterioration of your perfumes. Desktop CosmeticFridge will not only help to prolong your products life but cold products also minimise your facial puffiness. After all. who wouldn't love a chilled face mask or even using cold Natural Facial Roller Set.

Adorable:The classic round structure design. small and chic. it would be the centre of attention everywhere.

Style: Translucent window. the Japanese style wood grain base and leather handle.
Innovative: Unlikemany mini-fridges - the cooling temperature can reach 0¡ãC.

Technology: Supports 25¡ãC below the surrounding temperature for cooling.

Protected: Thick insulation layer preserving your products even without power.

Sleep: Mute functionality to help you maximise your beauty sleep.

Portability: Stunning leather handle and car power cord included to help you on the move.

Why Refrigerate?
Life: We recommend keeping your beauty products below room temperature to protect the longevity and stability while also to help you maximise your beauty gains.

Cool Effect: Using cold products on your skin can close pores and reduces facial puffiness. Cold constricts blood vessels. hence reducing swelling and itching instantly.

Bacteria: Prevents the growth of a fungal or bacterial organism from blooming on your facial products.

Convenient: Having a dedicated fridge is also ideal so you don't have to worry about other odours from food contaminating your products. You would also have access to your chilled products right where you need them.

Capacity: 8L
Dimensions: 36cm x 27.5cm x 29cm
Noise: 28dB
Weight: 3.5kg