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Correct The Anti-eccentric Head Baby Sleeping Pillow

Correct The Anti-eccentric Head Baby Sleeping Pillow

Pillow + Adjustment Column
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Newborn baby, the spine is not yet fully developed, and using a pillow with height too early will affect the baby’s normal development.

This is a correct shaping pillow.After removing the pillow core, the 0.5cm scientific height of the pillow helps the baby to sleep with a beautiful head shape.Relying on the gravity of the skull to act on the two pillows and the occipital bridge, the baby's head is not easy to move, and the shaping effect can be achieved by adjusting the sleeping position.

Product name: Multifunctional shaped pillow
Applicable: 0 years old and above
Function: head shaping.
Pillowcase fabric: 100% cotton
Pillow fabric: 100% polyester fiber
Filling: Buckwheat husk