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Antler & Horns Headband

Antler & Horns Headband

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Majestic Horns / White
Majestic Horns / Gray
Majestic Horns / Beige
Majestic Horns / Pink
Reindeer Antlers / White
Reindeer Antlers / Gray
Reindeer Antlers / Brown
Reindeer Antlers / Pink
Sharp Antlers / Pink
Sharp Antlers / Gray
Sharp Antlers / Baby Pink
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The perfect accessory when washing your face! Keep your hair out the way with these antler headbands.

Wear it to cover your ears on cool or windy days. as a sweat headband on warmer days. The elastic band at the back makes it possible to adjust the tightness. Just put it through your neck and pull it backwards and stay it at your hairline with the cat ears standing up and done with a smile.

Place the headband around your head to keep your annoying hair from interfering with your cleansing. makeup or other routines.One size fits most!