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880ml USB Air Humidifier with 3D Moon Lamp Light

880ml USB Air Humidifier with 3D Moon Lamp Light

$23.99 USD
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Humidifier No Stand
with Wood Stand
Wood with 5 Filters
Wood with 10 Filters
Only Deer Stand
with Deer Stand
Deer with 5 Filter
Deer with 10 Filter
Only Branch Stand
with Branch Stand
Branch with 5 Filter
Branch 10 Filter
Only Hand Stand
with Hand Stand
Hand with 5 Filter
Hand with 10 Filter
Plug Type
Without Battery
With Battery
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The Difference  between with battery and no battery:

With battery style:

When not insert a USB cable power,the build-in battery can only power for lighting,can not power for the humidifier spray function.

When insert a USB cable power,the USB cable power can power for lighting,spray and charging battery.

No battery style:

You need to plug in the USB cable for lighting and spray fogger.


Product Details

Product Name : Lunar Light Humidifier
Material PVC/PP+ electronic components
Product size: 13 cm in diameter
Product packaging : 140*140*160mm
Color: White
Input voltage: DC5V
Power consumption: 2W
Spray volume: 25-35ML
Water tank capacity: 880ML
Spray duration: 25-35ML

Products include

Humidifier * 1
USB cable * 1
Instructions * 1
Cotton swab * 2