880ML Moonlight Night Light USB Humidifiers

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Product parameters:
Input voltage: DC5V
Working current: 400mA
Use power: 2W
Charging input: 5V / 1A
Battery capacity: 3.7V 240mAh
Spray amount: 25-35ML
Water tank capacity: 880ML
Instructions for use:
Spray operation: Turn on the power, touch the metal switch of the spray switch to turn on the continuous spray mode (the blue indicator light is on during spraying), touch it again to turn on the intermittent spray mode, (spray for 3 seconds and stop for 3 seconds), and touch again to turn off the spray operation (The blue light for the end of spraying work goes out). This cycle operation.
Night light operation: Night light operation: Touch the metal head of the night light control switch to control and adjust the light, switch the light color with each touch, white-yellow-warm white-off, cycle in turn. At the same time, long press the gold metal head to adjust the brightness of the light (long press to lighten, release and long press to darken).
Anti-drying: Automatic power off for continuous spraying at 10 hours and automatic power off for intermittent spraying at 20 hours. After power off, you can restart and continue using.
Product standard:
1 USB cable, 1 manual, 2 cotton swabs. 1 bracket